Why Reaction Channels are getting Popularity on YouTube?

How about reacting to the new Jungle Book trailer in front of camera and making money through it?

why reaction channels are becoming popular on youtube



Trends are changing daily on internet. But the most new and different trend that I noticed on YouTube is Reaction Channels. Now many people will disagree with the statement that reaction channels are becoming famous but according to my observations these type of channels are getting huge popularity from past few months or I can say past on year. Nowadays many struggling YouTubers are trying their luck on Reaction Channels. I guess most people who are regular with YouTube are familiar with reaction channels.

I am also not clear about the exact reasons but some possible reasons will be discussed in this article. Nowadays many struggling YouTubers are trying their hands on Reaction Channels. Most of us are already familiar with reaction channels

At first this concept was not looking that convincing but with passing time it showed some surprising results. Some reaction channel start getting a decent popularity like a vine or music channel.

These type channels receive mixed type of reviews like some audience feel that they are completely pointless whereas some believe that they are actually entertaining.

why reaction channels are popular


What is a Reaction Channel?

These are the channels where people react on some video in front of a camera. Simple! right? But too many people are liking this genre on YouTube.

As an elaboration a reaction channel is a channel having videos in which person reacts to another video, that another video can be a movie trailer, song, game video, stand-up comedy or anything else.

Channels like FBE and REACT got huge popularity and income just by presenting people of different age reacting to some videos.

Note: If you are thinking to start a reaction channel on YouTube after reading this article, make sure you are not boring. People will never want to see a person simply watching a movie or video. Not all reaction channels are successful.

To run a successful reaction channel, you need to be interesting and expressive. Your reaction and expressions should be clear and should describe that how much you loved or hated that particular video.

Why People like to Watch Reaction Channels?

1. Virtual Company:

Sometimes people enjoy the virtual company of having someone other watching the same video together with them. They find entertainment and comfort from the commentaries, reactions and emotions on videos they are familiar with. That’s why there’s a high chance the reaction video they are watching is something they’ve watched before.

2. Foreigner Reacts:

People like to watch the reactions of people from other countries on the content of their own country. Majority of the people of most countries are very curious to know what people from other countries think about their country and how much they like their entertainment sources.

That is why it is very easier to find out videos like Americans React to this… or German Boy React to this… or Indians React to this…

In these type of videos person from one country reacts to the video of other country.

3. People seeking for an Advice:

Or I can say review. Sometimes people are not so confident about the quality of the movie or song they are going to watch in that case some people prefer to watch its trailer reaction and then decide to watch or not to watch by listening the reactors review.

4. Personality:

Sometimes people just watch reaction videos because they admire that reactors personality. From personality I meant to say that the reactor can be good looking, funny or having a convincing way of talking.

Like a YouTuber named Jaby Koay who runs quite a popular reaction channel with more than 400k subscribers most of the times is accompanied by beautiful girls that according to me is a very strong reason of his channel’s popularity because once I was going through his comment section and noticed number of comments praising his accompanied girls.


I was planning to write on this topic from many days but before that I had to do some research about it and I found that these type of channels receive very divided point of views. Some people actually like them whereas some people think they are nothing but shit who steals others content.

Let me know what you people think about these reaction channels in the comment section bellow.


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