5+ Tips to create a Killer App for your Blog- Why you need one

Tips to Create an App for your Blog

Tips to Create an App for your Blog

Do Bloggers needs app for their blogs or site? Yes, off course yes.

Many of you will think that having an app of your blog is not necessary as it doesn’t makes a big difference. Believe me you are living in a myth. I am not saying to have an app at your initial stages of blogging. But you must have it when you are little established in this industry.

Nowadays apps are ruling our mobile phones. We are surrounded by millions of apps in today’s life some of which are to entertain us and some makes our daily work easy and some help us to keep ourselves up-to-date with the world. And we know that we loves to use these apps. According to me every business or company need to have an app especially if you are running any service or online business to make it easy for your customers to connect with you.

Same goes for Bloggers, as we know that now a days almost no one has much time to search for  a particular site or blog to read his/her interest (Specially when you have large competitors in your niche). In this case if you have an app of your site, your readers will easily get notifications on their phone about your latest updates, isn’t its great?

This way you can increase both user’s experience as well as your brand name. But this is not easy as it sounds to be. Not every app results to be successful.

There are some which which gets thousands and millions of downloads and some hardly reach hundreds and sometimes not even that. To create an app you need to learn the difference between the two.

Tips to Create a Killer app for your Blog:

1. Learn from Others and Be Original:

“You should learn from your Competitor, but never copy. Copy and you die.”

                                                                                                                                      – Jack Ma

Spend some time to study about other apps that falls in similar category. Observe what they had done for their users, What mistakes they had made that you need to avoid and what things they had done that you should get inspired from. This will help you to get ideas and concepts of how things could be easier, nicer, sleeker because putting the exact same thing that others are using doesn’t work is not a way to success.

Great ideas aren’t based on uniqueness, but on usability

Be unique but up to a limit. Never compromise with usability for more uniqueness.

Moreover, you must observe the number downloads of the app you are competing with, its ratings and reviews this will provide you an ideas about what you can expect in terms of user interest.

2. Design:

No matter if screen size is going to be small, it imply similar rule as your blog. Your app design is the first thing user will interact with even before the features and content of the app.

First Impression is the Last Impression.

If your app is having a filthy design that will take your users away not matter how wonderful other features and content are. So, make your first impression the ULTIMATE one.

Try to higher a good and experienced designer or developer for this and if you are going to do this on your own, make sure you are giving your best.

Do not make it over, try to make it simple and classy. because

Simplicity is the KEY.

Overall try to provide best user experience with your design.

3. Avoid Advertisements:

tips to create an app for your blog- ads

Tips to Create an App for your Blog- Avoid Ads

Advertising on your blog is okay but in app advertisements are really annoying, believe me they are!

In mobile apps we have a limited screen space and when unwanted ads appears on it suddenly it really makes your readers pissed off. Try to use your full app screen for your users. So that they can enjoy your app without any interruption.

For blogger the main motive behind creating an app is it easy for your users to read your content easily and without any struggle. Reading is a thing of concentration and when a pop-up with a shity ad appears it breaks the concentration. Even side and header ads doesn’t looks nice in an app.

If you really want to advertise on your app for little income don’t do over advertising. just include a single ad on a particular place. Hope you are getting it?

4. Accessibility:

We all have experienced the frustration of accidentally hitting the wrong button on our phone, and ending up on a random screen. Fingers are a lot bigger than precise mouse cursors, so make sure you build a ‘finger-friendly’ design. Allow enough space for users to tap with their finger tip to minimize frustration as much as possible. Fingers are about 45-57 pixels wide, which is bigger than most design guidelines state for hit targets.

5. Target the Right Operating System:

Tips to Create an App for your Blog- OS

Tips to Create an App for your Blog- OS

I will prefer you to submit your app at least on two most popular and common operating systems that are Android and iOS and on Windows store and BlackBerry if you want. But If you are really tight with your budget choose a correct option.

Now, the question arise how? How can I know what OS my blog readers are using?

Believe me its really simple. The most simple way to know what OS your readers are using and what I also use is Google Analytics.

Learn How to know OS used by your visitors via Google Analytics:

Step 1: Go to analytics.google.com.


Step 2: Sign in with your Gmail account. If you don’t have, create one with Gmail.com.


Step 3: Now Click on Sign Up.

tips to create an app for your blog


Step 4: Fill up the Given Fields.

tips to create an app for your blog

Step 5: Click on Get Tracking ID.

tips to create an app for your blog


Step 6: Read Terms and Conditions and click on I Accept

tips to create an app for your blog

Step 7: Now will get your Tracking ID

tips to create an app for your blog.

Step 8: Below Tracking ID a code will be given. Paste that code on your site at place which appears on every page of your site for example: Header, Footer or Sidebar or otherwise you need to paste that code on each page separately to track traffic information to each and every page.

Step 9: If you are a user, you can use plugins link MonsterInsight or Google Anaylytics.

tips to create an app for your blog


Step 10: Once you are done. Visit your Google Analytics account.

Step 11: Click on Audience option at left side.

tips to create an app for your blog

Step 12: Click on Mobile then on Devices. List of devices will appear which are used by your visitors.

tips to create an app for your blog

Step 13: Above that you will get an option of Operating System under Primary Dimension.

tips to create an app for your blog

Step 14: Click on Operating System and another table will appear with list of Operating Systems where you can know  from which OS you are getting maximum traffic

6. Do something Extra:

Not just create an app in sake of creating one. Other then your content, also include some other features in it. This will help your app to keep users engaged with it. Like provide some kind of service, or simply add a feature through which your users can interact with you with their queries and questions.

Do something new that can attract not only your regular readers but also new audience. This way you can increase your blog traffic for huge profits.

7. Updates:

Thousands of apps are introduced daily and to be in the league you need to be Up-to-date.

Stay Fresh, Stay Dope.

Update your app regularly with time. Introduce new features, new creative ideas, etc. Don’t just create an app and forget about it (most common mistake). Treat your app similarly as you are treating your blog. Because ultimately this will benefit your blog only.

8. Pricing:

Firstly I will not prefer to make your app paid specially at initial stage unless or until you are the best and most established blog in your category.

If you are making your app paid, provide fair prices and also provide a limited version of your app for free that can help users to find out what your app is all about and if it worth money or not.

Or if you have in app purchase options, make fair prices. So that users can actually purchase.


9. Ask your Friends:

Don’t expect success all of a sudden, it will take time. At initial stages ask your friends to download your app and provide ratings and reviews. This will improve your app’s impression in front of your target audience.


No in 2017 competition level is at its peak. Do what ever you can do to make your readers happy. Creating app is a great way to build strong relation with you readers. An app can grow your blog up to a great extend if created in a right way.

Feel free to ask any query or question through comment section.


Howdy! I am Sumit, 18 year old boy. Loves to share his knowledge about Blogging, SEO, Social Media, Make Money and Technology.

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