Things to keep in Mind while Shopping Online

tips for online shopping

Online shopping is one of the most convenient thing invented so far. Nowadays you don’t need to roam around markets and malls just to buy a particular thing. These online eCommerce sites had made shopping so easy, that you can shop whatever you want laying on your couch by some clicks and your product will be at your home in few days without paying any extra money.

Moreover, We all must have noticed that day to day online shopping is getting cheaper and cheaper, the reason behind this is competition. Number of eCommerce site emerge daily and to maintain their level in the competition these sites are introducing lots and lots of offers so that more customers recommend their site. Also online shopping is lot more safer in today’s life, if you did not liked the product or it is damaged, you can easily send it back and get your money back (in most cases).

But their are some times when you feel fooled or cheated due to a particular product you ordered online, reason can be anything high price, low quality or anything else. To avoid these types of disappointments all you need to do is follow below tips to keep in mind while doing online shopping.

Things to keep in Mind while Shopping Online:

1. Compare different Sites:

Never stick to a particular site while shopping online. Their are lots eCommerce websites present. While purchasing any product do research on different sites, you will notice that different sites will offer different prices. Now compare all the possible sites and decide from which you are going to buy. Compare only with good and reputed sites as their are many fraud eCommerce websites present online.

2. Read features and Policies:

Once you decided from where you are going to purchase that particular product then start reading about its features and Policies. Read specifications and be sure that it has all the features you want and worth price that you are going to pay.

From conditions I meant to say return and replacement policies. Always check that can you replace or return the product if that doesn’t meets your expectations.

Check within how many days you can return or replace the product. If no replacement or return option is given that means you cannot return the product you ordered in case it is damaged or different from description.

Also return and replacement (or exchange) are two different things, in replacement you can replace your product with new one and in return, you can return the product and can get your money back.

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3. Compare product with previous models:

Now its time to compare product with its previous models specially in case of electronics. Most of the electronics companies release products in a range or a series. The newest model is the most expensive in most cases, but in many cases, there is very little difference in quality and features between the newest edition and an older version.

Shopping online lets you get a quick overview of the products in a particular series and weigh them up against each other. Opting for a model that has been on the market for a year or more, or maybe even one in a different colour, may mean you spend less on a new appliance.

4. Read Product Reviews:

This is a very important step that most of the people ignores while shopping online. You must read some reviews about the product given on the site by previous buyers of that product. With this you can easily get an idea about the issues and problems you can probably face.

I am not saying to go deep into reviews, just take an overview, see if what type of reviews are more positive or negative also consider overall ratings (and how many people had rated that product) and then make your decision.

5. Checkout Securely:

tips for online shopping

When shopping online, always make sure that the site’s checkout is secure before making payment from your credit card or debit card. Many sites appear secure but aren’t necessarily safe. A good way to confirm whether a site’s checkout is safe or not is to look at your web address bar. If there’s a “https” in front of the address, then the checkout is more secure.

6. Save your Identity:

No online shopping store needs to know your social security number or your birthday sell any item. However, if crooks get them, combined with your credit card number for purchases, they can do a lot of damage.

The more they know about you, the easier it is to steal your identity. Always try to giving up the least amount of information you can while shopping online.

7. Save a Copy of your Order:

Make a habit to keep documentation of your online purchases. Most of the retailers will send you an email or refer you to a web page with a confirmation of your purchase.

This page should include a purchase receipt and a confirmation number. Print or save the confirmation and keep it until you receive your product.


As a conclusion I will say that online shopping can really be a deal of benefit if used properly. By following the above given tips you can safely shop online. eCommerce websites holds a great credit in making our lives easy. But a little carelessness can get you in trouble.

So, always try to follow above tips if you want your shopping safer and beneficial.


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