How to make your Article or Blog Posts Viral on Internet?

how to make your blog post viral

How to make your Article or Blog Post viral

I am sure that we all believe that 70% of our blog’s success depends upon our content and providing quality content to your readers is very crucial if you want positive results from your blog but what if our content is not reaching to the audience?

We all believe that we write good blog posts but writing only good blog posts is not enough because it promotion depends upon many factors.

“A Million Dollar Article Worth nothing, If it could not reach its right Audience.”

In this article I am going to write some ways which you can follow to make your blog post viral. The things which I am going to mention below helps you to make your blog post or article more famous in the world. Believe me almost every successful blogger followed these ways to promote articles published on their blogs. By following given tips you will be able to attract more and more number of targeted audience with your blog post

Some Essential Things to do after publishing your Blog Post:

1. Study:

Yes, Some research or study about what you are going to write is very important nowadays. Today we are in 2017 and in the profession of blogging competition is too high and to be in the race as a long time player you need to be smart and clever. If you are a blogger no matter what your blog topic is about you will find thousands of other blogs having similar topic.

So, what you can do to become better then your competitors? The answer is very simple:

“Think something Good and Think something unique.”

If you will keep on writing 1000 or 2000+ words articles on topics which are already covered by all of your competitors you can never expect results. Always try to find untouched topics which visitors want to read or try to find topics which are common but complete or appropriate information is not available on your competitor blogs.

Moreover you also need to look for topics with low competition because this is the only way to rank high on search engines if you are a newbie blogger. For example if you started a blog/website about cars and you are writing stuff like Top 10 cars of all time or Cheapest Cars, it will be too difficult for you to rank high on search engine because there are more established and popular sites ruling these topics on search engines.

But if you are still writing article on a topic which is common, write it with quality and quantity. Write it in a simplest way and give your readers a reason to prefer your blog.



2. Blog Post Title:

Attractive blog title works as key to make your content famous. Always try to choose catchy and attractive titles and believe me this makes a huge difference because title is the first thing your readers and search engines will notice. Try to think out of the box and think like what you will write on Google if you want to find something on it?

“Make it Simple and make it unique.”

Never choose titles that are already used by hundreds of other bloggers. Try to choose alternative words with the same meaning. Like if others are writing Tips to Look Good at Wedding Party then you can choose to write How to Look Smart or Attractive at Wedding Party. One thing more, never make your title too complex to understand. Hope you got my point.

Always present your title in a way that can make your readers curious about the whole content. For example if you are going to write about best SEO techniques you can write its title like SEO techniques that can lead your Blog Towards Success! These types of titles attract readers and make them read whole article. Titles like Best SEO Techniques or Tops SEO Techniques sounds little boring and common too.



3. Do Guest Posting

Guest Posting is very important. It helps your blog to get high targeted traffic. Term Guest Posting stands for writing articles for other websites in return of which you ask them for a dofollow link.  Always provide quality and unique content to the websites or blogs for which you are writing. If visitors of the blog or website on which you submitted your guest post are impressed by your content, they will definitely visit your blog to know more about you and your content. Even I also do Guest Posting on other blogs. Guest Posting is very very important for every newbie blogger because it is also the best way to collect high quality backlinks from famous websites.

Always check the Domain Authority of the site before submitting your content on it. If it ranks 25 or 30 or above, it deserves your guest post.

Tool to check Domian Authority: Open Site Explorer



4. Promote your Article on Social Media

make blog post famous on social media

Make blog post viral on social media

As we all know that everybody loves to stay connected with there friends through the social networking websites like Facebook. Twitter, Google+ etc. Social media is not just a way to stay connected and to talk with our friends, it is also a greatest way to promote your business for free. Social networking sites are the best way to promote your website or articles online. You can create your websites’s or blog’s page on different social networking sites and can start promoting your stuff. If you will be regular in updating you page with quality content, it will start becoming popular and you will be able to reach more and more people interested in what you are writing. Posting about your latest articles regularly is the biggest way to do promotion of your article on internet.

Social Networking sites also provide some paid methods for promotion which a very effective.



5. Do Blog Commenting

Blog commenting is a good way to promote your blog/website. Always do more and more blog commenting (But not spam) this will help you to increase your daily visitors. This way can also increase the popularity of  your blog posts.  Always prefer those websites which provides CommentLuv feature in return of your comment. CommentLuv allows you to leave a link of your latest post with your comment. Always try to search for sites which provide dofollow link in return of your comment this will help your blog to grow in other aspects also.



6. Social Bookmaking

Social Bookmarking can be very beneficial for blog post promotion. Most of the bloggers ignore this thing and loose a chance to get great targeted traffic. It is a very great way to get decent traffic.

Social Bookmarking websites like Digg.comStumbleUpon.comPinterest.comReddit.com, etc are great platforms which can provide you very huge traffic. Always keep on submitting your articles on these websites. These websites also provides you very good quality backlinks due to their high Domain Authority.



7. Ping it

Start pinging your blog post to search engines after publishing. It will make your new post indexed as soon as possible. There are many online tools which can ping your articles to different search engines like Autopinger.comPing.inPing-O-Maticpingates.com, etc. But according to me Ping-O-Matic is the best tool which can ping your articles to almost every major search engine.



Final Words:

Hope this article will make your day. If you will follow all the above instructions, you will definitely succeed in your purpose. Promoting your article is not a difficult task, all you need to do is to work smartly and patiently. With these methods you can surely promote your article for very high traffic.



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