How to Create a Perfect Facebook Advertisement?

How to Create a perfect Facebook Ads

How to Create a perfect Facebook Ads

We know Facebook is the most versatile platform both in terms of connectivity as well as marketing. Facebook offers great opportunity to reach your targeted marketing audience. Despite being such a large and old platform, most of us fails to use it well in terms of marketing. You cannot use this platform well unless or until you know deep about it. So, to help you with this I am adding some ways to create a perfect Facebook ad.

Facebook is a platform having more then billions of daily active users, which means you have great opportunity to connect with them is marketing point of view.

Nowadays creating a page on your brand name and posting on it isn’t enough at all. But spending some money on Facebook advertisements can work for you but this requires some smartness. You will keep wasting your money unless you start working with some tactics. To use the Facebook Advertising engine well you must understand some crucial points to promote your brand or business successfully on Facebook.

Know How to Create a Perfect Facebook Advertisement:

1. Know your Customers:

Every business has its own types of customers. And to run your business successfully you must know them well. Knowing your customers doesn’t mean to know them personally but to create a customer’s persona. This way you will get to know what mainly your customers are expecting from you. This way you can create a perfect Facebook ad as well as you can help your customers better.

How to Create a perfect Facebook Ad- Know your Customer

How to Create a perfect Facebook Ad- Know your Customer

For example if you are providing any service, attract customers by ensuring them to have better results or suppose if your are advertising for start ups, target their desire to grow as fast as possible.

2. Proposal:

How to Create a perfect Facebook Ad- Proposal

How to Create a perfect Facebook Ad- Proposal

Your ad should answer the following questions of your customers:

Whats new in this?

Why should I know more about this?

How can this benefit me?

Why only this?

A perfect proposal answers above questions very smartly. Suppose you are advertisement which is saying World’s best Kitchen Renovation Service will not make a big difference but saying Full Kitchen renovation at 30% discount can make your advertisement work or if you are established one in your industry mention your most appreciated works or achievements.

3. Use you Image Well:

Someone said:

 A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

But when you can even have actual words in the picture, it can express Ten Thousand Words. Sometimes this trick can go wrong, if doesn’t used properly. Do not start writing a thesis about your ad because Facebook limits text to 20% of the image. So, spamming is not going to work here.

To use this tactic you need to be little creative and smart. Focus on what is about your advertised item that strongly appears to the viewers? And how can you say it in a way that clear and fits into your Facebook requirements. Use this technique carefully because over usage text on your image can result in rejection.

You can learn more from example given below:

How to Create a perfect Facebook Ad- Ad Example

How to Create a perfect Facebook Ad- Ad Example

4. Don’t Cheat:

Be consistent with your ad. It is obvious that if someone clicks on your ad, its because he/she likes the message or image or your offer.

Make sure that after clicking, they should reach on a landing page that contains same material what they saw in your ad. Use same images and wording, just go into little more description of your product and reason why they should buy it.

Suppose, if you click on an ad because of an image of a silver key ring featured in it and you end up landing on a page containing hundreds of key rings except that silver one, it will be considered as cheating or something else? off course cheating.

Due to these type of activities, a customer will not take much time to declare your company as useless. You motto is not only to attract customers but also to make them purchase.

5. Add a Call into Action Button:

If you want more number of people to come and click on your image, then try making your ads more click friendly. This can be accomplished more easily only when you have image button added within your ad. A button that can be immediately clicked taps into the natural tendency of people who are shopping online. Facebook provides different options for adding call-to-action buttons such as SIGN UP, REGISTER, VISIT, etc. Choose yours according to the ad’s demand.

How to Create a perfect Facebook Ad- Call to Action

How to Create a perfect Facebook Ad- Call to Action

 6. Use your Customers:

Everyone tries to find someone who had experience with a product or service that they are going to use or hire to know about their suggestions and confirm what they can expect. You use your customers to make your Facebook ads gripping. No one other place can be a better sales representative when you’re trying to get people to click on your ads in their Newsfeed since Facebook is already such a wonderful social platform. The best sales never come from direct sales but from recommendations.

7. Sidebar

Sidebar advertising was the first type of advertisement option offered by Facebook. Newsfeed advertisements usually gets higher engagement but that doesn’t mean that we should stop considering Sidebar ads. If you want your right column ad to be successful, it should be relevant with a value proposition, a good visual, and should have a call-to-action.

Your Turn:

Above this I had mentioned some most effective tips with which you can really make your Facebook ads work good for your business. According to me Facebook marketing is one of them best online marketing methods as it is a community of billions of people, which also gives you an opportunity to grow your brand or business to an extreme level.


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