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About Blog Clues

About Blog Clues

Hello friends! Welcome to BlogClues.com. Blog Clues is a new platform where you will find all updates about Blogging tips and ideas, SEO, Social Media, Money Making tips and Technology. The main purpose behind this blog is to share my knowledge with the whole world, spread knowledge and make people aware about whats happening on internet. This blog is owned by Sumit Dadwal.

Our Main Motto:

  • To provide more and more practical tips.
  • To make blogging easier for newbies.
  • To make our visitors able to earn decent amount of money online.
  • To provide all possible updates about Social Media.
  • To make our users aware about latest Technologies, Software, Plugins, etc.

    About Admin:

    Sumit is a 18 years old boy, currently living in Punjab, India. He is a professional blogger and Computer Expert. He loves to share his thoughts and knowledge with the world. He loves to make different friends from different regions and countries on the internet. Earlier he was working as a freelancer but now decided to run his own blog!

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    If you need any type of help or want to ask any question or query, ask freely via Email sumitdadwal1@gmail.com