7 Best Ways to Increase your Blog Engagement

Best ways to increase Blog Engagement

Every Blogger gives his/her best while writing content for his/her blog, but disappointment strikes when that content doesn’t gets its deserving value. This happens because your site in not that convincing that it can make your readers to interact more with it in different ways like commenting, Social Media, Subscribing and clicking to other posts.

The reason behind this is that most of us think writing great content is enough to make readers feel connected to your site. Well, that not true, your content is important but reader’s enagagement depends upon many other factors too. Also it doesn’t matter how many visitors your blog or site is receiving, it can be 10k-100k or more in a month but it worth very less if they simply read your latest posts and then do nothing because you’re after the engaged readers that will consume your content and then interact with it.

So, if you want to engage your readers with your blog, Want them to comment, share and subscribe and convenience them to read other stuff also. Stay with us and complete your reading.


Importance of Blog Engagement:

Blog engagement is an very crucial factor for SEO. I maters a lot for SEO, if your audience leaves comments on your blog, with this Google will notice that your blog is very much alive and active. On the other hand, mentions on social media will also help with your blog’s ranking. If people share your post on social media, or talk about it online, this will definitely lead to more traffic.

But the real question is how you increase the engagement of your audience?

Best Ways to Increase Blog Engagement:

1. No Interference:

I was placing Content at first place but then I thought that what if readers gets difficulty reading your content. That will be annoying. You will get my point below

Do you have ads on your blog? Do you have email opt-in popups? No problem, but hope you are not over optimizing your blog with more then enough of them. I know email opt-ins are very important as email marketing is very crucial thing if you want to increase traffic. But one or two subscription boxes on a screen are enough, one could be on sidebar or header or footer and one can be pop-up (don’t irritate your readers with different pop-ups on a single page).

Talking about Advertisements, no one can say no to show advertisements on his/her blog as it is the most common and easiest way to earn money. But over advertisements can ruin your site’s impression. Repeated ad pop ups and ads on each corner can really irritate your readers.

If you have something that is getting in the way of your visitors finding and consuming your content, then you have to ask yourself if blog engagement is truly your goal. If it is, you need to remove them or restructure them so that they do not interfere with your content.

Lots of advertisements can also make a disastrous impact on your site’s speed.

Think, if you have 5 ads on each page of your site, whenever a person will try to explore other pages of your site each ad will load again and then your content will appear, you can imagine how long it can take if your reader doesn’t has a super fast internet connection.

2. Content:

Now, if you are done with above step, now its time to make your content suitable for your readers.

Simply start writing and updating lots of awesome content on regular basis. Don’t just right in sake of regular updates, write for your readers, make sure that your readers can learn something from your content.

Consistency is important but consistency with no quality will lead you for nothing. So, if you are writing 10-12 article per month, make sure you had giving your best in those articles.

Write your content in a way that your readers feel that someone is talking to them in real time. You don’t need to be too formal, add some fun elements like small, light jokes that fits with your content or you can share your funny incidents related to your content (don’t go deep into your incident, just say funny element).

Also use headlines as you weapon, Most of the people read headlines first and then decide to read the other content. So, make your headlines are so powerful that your reader can’t resist him/herself from reading the whole content. Key to make strong headlines is to use catchy words like Killer, Ultimate, Awesome, etc.

3. Site Speed:

I believe 40% of engagement game depends upon your site’s speed. Nothing will get someone to leave your site quicker than slow load times. Slow website means no one is going to return. Even I also usually close the site if it takes more then 8-9 seconds (maximum) most of the people doesn’t even wait that much. You should be worried, if your website is taking more than 5 or 6 seconds to open completely.

There are many online tools available which can help you to check your site’s speed such as Google PageSpeed Insight, Pingdom Speed test, etc.

As said before, over advertising can really take your site’s speed to a worst level.

4. Internal Linking:

Internal linking is must. Let your readers also know about your other cool stuff on your blog or site. Always link your articles with each other through suitable keywords.

Suppose if you are writing about best content writing tips, you can mention your previous article which about how to make money through content writing by using a related keyword.

There are two ways to add link in your articles:

  1. Firstly, as I mentioned above simply link your previous article through a keyword which is suitable to that article, for example:

In my previous article (An Ultimate Guide to Reduce your site’s Bounce Rate) their was a keyword more earnings, I simply used that keyword to link my another article (How to create a Blog and Start Making Money from it) which was about making money.

increase engagement of your blog


You see how simple is that?

  1. Another way to link your article is to simply write Also read- or Learn- and mention the title of your article that you want to link and actually link to that article. Example:

increase engagement of your blog


Linking will help your readers to to know more about related stuff on on your site. Internal links will help them to explore your site easily.

5. Social Buttons:

As we know social media is great for bloggers, it comes with huge opportunities to get traffic for your blog. In that case, Social Buttons are the most useful  things.

Social buttons acts as an easy source that helps your readers to share your content with other in their friends and family circles. Every blogger should consider social buttons as a crucial factor.

You should have social sharing options at least at:

  • Sidebars

increase engagement of your blog



  • Below every blog post

increase engagement of your blog



  • Footer

increase engagement of your blog

6. Words are not Enough:

An Image says a Thousand Words, So do a Video

Images and Videos provide a great way to captivate readers and convey message. Our brain process images 1000 time faster than text. 90% of all information that enters our brain is visuals.

That means neglecting to include any image or video in your content is equals to missing out a huge opportunity to be remembered and shared by your readers.

Try to add things like:

  • Graphs
  • Animated Images
  • Screenshots
  • Infographics
  • Product Images
  • Related Videos
  • Podcasts


7. Ask for Engagement:

If you want your readers to respond to your post, ask them to do so! If visitors are actually invited to comment, chances are much higher they decide to do so. Ask people to share their thoughts on the topic at the end of the article, ask them to speak about their queries through comment section or encourage people to like or share your post on Facebook.


Feel Free to ask your Queries through comments.

Also give us your reviews about the article.


Howdy! I am Sumit, 18 year old boy. Loves to share his knowledge about Blogging, SEO, Social Media, Make Money and Technology.


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