10 Best Ideas to Make Money through Photography

ideas to make money through photography

Nowadays photography is not just a hobby only. It is a great source through which one can make decent amount of money. Many people are already making money through photography and many are still confused on how to start.

So today I am here with 10 ideas to earn some cash through photography. Don’t worry I am not including those traditional career options such as wedding photography.

10 Ideas to Earn Money Through Photography:

1. Stock Photography:

Stock Photography is still one of the best ways for photographers to earn some cash online. In this you can present your photographs on sale on platforms like iStock, Shutterstock and many others available online. When anyone will purchase your photograph from any of these platforms, you will get a commission from it. Make your that photograph worth buying.

Not every platform pays you for your photograph so you must go through the terms and condition section before signing up.

2. Participate in Contests:

Photography contests can provide you a chance to glorify your skills and talent. These type of contest usually comes up with some cash prizes.

Also there are strong possibilities for participants to get further opportunities and work based upon their performance

3. Sell eBooks

If you want to share your passion with others by discussing about  possibilities your experiences and discussing hints and tips, creating an eBook may be the way forward for you.

This idea will involve little costly investment, but will require a lot of time. There are many benefits of writing an eBook including the fact that it will help you to make a name for yourself within the industry. The best way to encourage the success of your publication would be to outreach to bloggers and ask for reviews; the power of word of mouth is invaluable.

4. Sell Prints

If you are not satisfied with stock photo sites as they consume large amount of your profits. You can sell prints also with help of your own self-hosted website but this will require little extra hard work to gain decent amount of audience  but you also have an option to sell them through a service.

5. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a great opportunity to make some money selling other people’s photos or products such as photography courses or eBooks or equipment. Some photography websites, including companies such as Amazon and Adobe, have affiliate programs.

Once you’ve signed up as an affiliate, you will be given a link to a product. Whenever someone clicks on the link and makes a purchase, you get paid a commission. Isn’t that great! But yes you need a platform from where you can pitch number of audience at a same time.

6. Sell Images to the Press

Press Publications are a great source for photographers to make some extra cash. If someday you find yourself in the right place at the right time, you can convert your photos in some cash. Make sure your photos contains some new and newsworthy material.

Pitch different publications with your work and demand money according to the news you have captured.

7. Start your Blog

ideas to make money through photography

If you are as good in writing as you are in photography, combine both these qualities to create a successful blog. This will bring you a number of different ways to earn money which includes advertising, selling eBooks, sponsored posts, etc.

For advertising you can apply for different platforms available online or you can pitch companies yourself.

Learn– How to Start a Blog for Free and Make Money from it

8. Teaching

Many people who are interested in photography don’t have the basic skills. You could consider offering free basic photography lessons through an online class, a blog or a YouTube series. Teaching will position you as an authority in the field, thus enabling you to attract clients.

With time, you can start offering paid courses for advanced photography.

9. Be a Vlogger

ideas to earn cash by photography

You can make a nice amount of money if you enjoy making your own videos. People nowadays are really liking vloggers. YouTube is the best platform to upload your vlogs.

You only need to choose a category under which you want to blog such as Lifestyle vlogging, Travel vlogging, moto vlogging, etc. But you need to be expressive in a way that your videos can attract large number of audience.

Platforms like YouTube allows you to monetize your videos and place affiliate links in descriptions. Also you can have sponsors if you are getting decent amount of audience.

10. Edit Photos

Clicking some photos cannot make you a photographer, a true photographer must know how to edit and use software like Adobe Photshop, etc.

If you are really good in editing search job boards for people looking for some photo editors. Also try to pitch some publications.


Photography is an art with great competition and one should be creative enough to be in this competition. There are several people who are earning money by clicking pictures on their mobile phones, so not necessary to have some high priced equipment and cameras to successful. All you need to do is to think out of the box. In this field only creativity is the key to success.



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